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Our Team

At Overland Construction, the strength of our team is the cornerstone of our success. Our skilled construction professionals are steadfast in their commitment to delivering projects that are not only efficient and economical but also exceed our clients’ aspirations. Each team member contributes a rich blend of experience, insight, and proficiency in every area of construction and development, offering our clients a smooth and hassle-free journey. It’s the exceptional dedication and unparalleled work of our team that truly elevate us in the construction sector.

Founder & CEO

Ken Holman


Dave Holman

Dir. of Preconstruction

John Sheldon

V.P., Client Relations

& Business Development 



Kelly Hendrex

V.P. of Client Relations and business development director for Overland Group and Overland Construction in Arizona.

Dir. of Business Development



Brittney Boyle

Director of Business Development for Overland Construction in Utah

Operations Manager

Rick Lake

Project Manager

Eduardo Texeira

Project Manager

Beth Kealy

Project Superintendent

Tony Discuillo

Project Superintendent

Mark Nowicki

Project Superintendent

Scott Bellamy

Project Superintendent

Scott Willing

Assistant Superintendent

Patrick Wolf

Assistant Superintendent

Brandon Moore

Project Engineer

Jason Cisneros

Project Engineer

Garrett Rawson

Sr. Project Coordinator

Trish Siedjak


Westin Erekson

Estimating Coordinator

Delaney Wilson

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