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SINCE 1985

Overland Construction was created to provide partners and clients with a better building experience. We live and breathe to construct exciting, attractive, and profitable opportunities for our partners and clients. In addition, Overland Construction provides an unmatched construction experience to give our partners and clients extraordinarily high confidence in their newly built project.


Overland Construction is on a mission to change your building and construction experience. Long past are the days when clients were jerked around by huge construction companies. We're here to provide an exceptional experience where you have all of the tools needed to feel completely in control of your next building project. We specialize in connecting you with our high end subcontractors to better your experience with us. These subcontractors are critical to the success of each project. Stop putting off your constructing goals. Connect with Overland Construction and learn what confidence feels like.


MAIN_2021_05_25 Avondale Elevations & Perspectives_Page_08.jpg

Avondale, AZ

Avondale Commons Apartments

Project Type: Multifamily

Estimated Cost: $74.5 Million

Estimated Start: Sep 2022


Mesa, AZ

Candlewood Suites at Crismon Commons

Project Type: Hospitality

Estimated Cost: $14.7 Million

Estimated Start: Nov 2022

View_Peoria_06.15.2022_raw_1 - Photo.jpg

Peoria, AZ

Peoria Commons


Project Type: Multifamily

Estimated Cost: $38.5 Million

Estimated Start: May 2023



The most successful projects are created from site evaluation & analysis, development services, conceptual budgets & cost estimating, and many more exceptional services to help partners and clients during the beginning stages of any project.

Wooden House


To ensure the project is built for the best price possible, Overland Construction has developed an extensive subcontractor list to draw competitive bids from. Every aspect of every project is competitively bid to numerous pre-qualified subcontractors.

Brick Wall Building

Post Construction

Overland Construction's customer service reasoning goes beyond the design and construction process. Our projects hold high standards within our clientele. Our extraordinary post project completion is very well known and brings partners and clients back to work with Overland Construction.

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