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Overland Construction Services

Our management services begin with extensive pre-construction planning and only builds from there.

With every project, Overland Construction commits to provide outstanding administrative leadership and management to ensure timely completion of a successful project, whether it’s a complete turnkey facility or a specialized tenant improvement.  We work with its building partners throughout the planning, design and construction phases to maximize value, efficiency and minimize cost.

During construction, we work with the owner, architect and subcontractors to ensure that your project stays on schedule and under budget to save you time and money. After the project is complete, we take every precaution to ensure that the building meets our partner or client's expectations.

Below is a list of services we commonly provide during the pre-construction, construction and post construction phases. 


Pre Construction

The most successful projects are created from site evaluation & analysis, development services, conceptual budgets & cost estimating, and many more exceptional services to help partners and clients during the beginning stages of any project.



To ensure the project is built for the best price possible, Overland Construction has developed an extensive subcontractor list to draw competitive bids from. Every aspect of every project is competitively bid to numerous pre-qualified subcontractors, which ensures the project receives comprehensive bid coverage, competitive pricing and timely scheduling. We stay involved in the construction process all the way to completion by supervising subcontractors and making sure the job is done correctly.

Post Contruction

Post Construction

Overland Construction's customer service reasoning goes beyond the design and construction process. Our projects hold high standards within our clientele. Our extraordinary post project completion is very well known and brings partners and clients back to work with Overland Construction.


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